Finished Calls

This is where you will find finished calls that are ready to buy and ship immediately, You just never know what you will find here. Every now and then I make a mistake on a selection of wood or a design that just doesn’t fit the customer but is in no way a bad call. Those end up in a bucket with a date for the fire place in the back yard 🙂 . These are usually discounted from the usual retail price but not always. It never hurts to ask for a deal, Nothing is in stone here, Kel

  • Addicted Goose Calls

    How many ?

    Addicted Calls is our new fully Acrylic Goose call line, In the past I have always liked the way an Acrylic Call sounded but ...

  • Hybrid Duck Calls

    How many ?

    These calls are called Hybrid because they have the Custom Poly insert paired up with a great looking Wood Barrel.  They are...

  • Wood Duck Call aka "Woodie Kall"

    How many ?

    These are the finest sounding wood duck call available today, These are the same calls that you see being used in the...