Duck / Goose Call Sounds

I’ve recorded for you some of the sounds the custom duck calls I make have. Please click on any of the links to have a listen in whichever is your prefered media player. The files of each Call are of .wav file.

  1. Goose Call Addicted Acrylic proto goose call 6
  2. Duck Call Sounds Of “New Baby Mags
  3. Duck Call Sounds Of “Acrylic Cylinder Duck Call
  4. Goose Call Sounds Of “Canadian Long Reed AC”
  5. Goose Call Sounds Of “Honker Acrylic Cylinder”
  6. Goose Call Sounds Of “Long Reed Goose Call”
  7. Duck Call Sounds Of “Mallard Double Reed & Whistle Combo”
  8. Duck Call Sounds Of “Mallard Whistle”
  9. Duck Call Sounds Of “Pintail Wistle”
  10. Goose Call Sounds Of “Short Reed Goose Call”
  11. Goose Call Sounds Of “Short Reed Shaved Reed Goose Call”
  12. Goose Call Sounds Of “Snow Goose Call”
  13. Goose Call Sounds Of “Spec Call”
  14. Duck Call Sounds Of “Widgeon Whistle”
  15. Duck Call Sounds Of “Big Timber Arkansas Style Duck”
  16. Duck Call Sounds Of “Timber SR Arkansas style Duck”
  17. Duck Call Sounds Of “Reelfoot Metal Reed
  18. Woodie Kall Sounds of : wood duck
  19. Woodie Kall, John Chassion: Sound files 1. JC Woodie Kall, 2 John Chaisson,3. John Chaisson Woodie call
  20. Download Windows Media Player 10 – Click Here