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Kelly’s Kall’s 

True Custom Made Call”s are not puked out of a CNC lathe, They are done one at a time in the way of a true old world craftsman. No two look alike, Being hand turned its not possible to be exact in duplicating designs and styles. KDB

All of my calls are made one at a time with no duplicator, Most of my calls are made from domestic hardwoods, Such as Black Walnut, Wild Cherry,  Bois D’Arc (Osage orange), Hard Rock Maple, Red Cedar, Tiger maple, Iron Wood, Black Locust, Hophornbeam, and stabilized versions of nearly anything you can imagine. I also make calls from exotic woods as well such as, African Black Wood, Ebony, Cocobolo, Rosewood, lemonwood, Katalox, Bocote, Kingswood, African Mahogany, Brazilian Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Burls of all kinds and just about any wood you’re willing to pay for. Just an FYI, Wood costs more per inch on average than acrylic, The time used to turn and finish wood is usually 4-6 times longer than an acrylic call turned by hand

There are too many designs that I have made to show all of them here, I have included in this site a sample of some of my calls for you to enjoy. The pictures are not of the finest quality so please bear with us as we try to get better pictures posted. I make several grades of Duck and goose calls but the three that are the most popular are.

Field Grade

A simple no frill call with lots of sound, the designs are typically of a classic style.Prices start at $ 125.00 and range up to $135.00 depending on wood selection. Bands on Field grade calls is available, $10.00 extra

Classic Grade

The classic grade calls are ones that typically have the look of old classic calls. They also will have the bands and other adornments found on calls of that design, Stippling, Checkering etc. These calls start at $ 135.00 and go up to $175.00, again wood and extras determine price. All Classic grade calls must be ordered by phone, Kel

Collectors Grade

These calls are as the name implies, these calls are totally functional and sound fantastic but are not well suited to the marsh. Although I do know of a few of my customers that hunt with them bless there little hearts, These calls are typically made of the finest domestic and exotic burled woods. These calls also have inlays of precious metals and ebony or other exotic wood inserts or end caps. The owners name is inscribed in the base rings as well. These calls start at $180.00 and go up from there. Some of these have sold for hundreds of dollars. All Collector grade calls must be ordered by phone, Kel


All of my calls are finished in one of several ways, Poly coat, Lacquer or Danish hard oil. High gloss, low gloss or satin. You pick the finish. ALL of my calls are treated to protect the wood and give you life long enjoyment of a true duck call. I also offer stabilized wood for extra protection from the elements. There is an up charge for stabilized wood.

Duck Calls

My Duck calls are of two basic designs, Arkansas style and Louisiana Style, The prices are above. The Arkansas style calls are in either a single or double reed design, The Louisiana style is double reed.  I also make a triple reed style call but on a limited special order basis only.

Childrens Calls & New Born Calls

These are mini versions of my regular duck and goose calls, Complete description is on a separate page, These start at $55.00 and go up from there. Name engraving is available for a small fee. The final finish will be put on over the inscription for durability and protection. Let me say that these are like my big calls, They are a real custom made working class call, Perfect for the younger hunter of that new born hunter you want to celebrate.

Hybrid Calls

Acrylic or Poly insert with a wood barrel, These are available in single and double reed Duck call in open water as well as a timber style call. I prefer the timber call over the open water call, It just sound better and is plenty loud enough for those open water situations.  These sell for $65.00 to $90.00, again depending on wood Poly/Acrylic insert etc. Call or email for quote

Reelfoot Lake

This style of calls that have a metal reed in a standard classic design, These calls are much like the calls made famous by E. Stofer of Bean Lake, Glenn Scobey and many other famous call makers. These are instant classics, Only a few call makers make this style any more, probably no more than a dozen here in the USA. These calls start at $155.00 and go up from there.

There is a Hybrid Reelfoot call which uses a Original Glenn Scobey Sound board reed and wedge with a custom hand turned barrel, These start at 70.00

Goose calls

My goose calls are of three styles, Long reed traditional resonant cavity and the Short reed style. The SR is a Canada Goose with our own Klucker Guts, Our Speck Call uses only the finest speck guts on the market. Any of my duck call designs apply to the goose call designs as well except that the Goose calls tend to be a bit larger. Matched sets are available with a duck call and goose call in a set. Email me or call for a price on matched sets. The same price for the duck calls apply to the goose calls in single call orders. Prices are listed above, New for 2015 Our Newest Speck Call in a Baby Mag size but with full size sound!! Baby Mag price.

Pintail Whistles

These calls are one of my favorite calls and they come in all styles, These little guys are so very effective on all types of ducks from the Arctic circle to the tip of South America and beyond. I make ones that look like Shotgun shells to ones that look like mini duck calls, These are fun just to have around. Prices are $ 55.00 and up depending on which style you choose. 12 or 10 ga. I prefer the 10 ga. I also make an Iverson inspired whistle, These start at $55.00

Woodie Kall,  World Championship Wood Duck Call, #1 selling call

These calls are the real deal!” Kent Cullum of Hobo Calls,after winning the Worlds Championship Team Real Duck using one of my Woodie Kalls,  Ever have some one tell you that its almost impossible to call in a wood duck?? Well maybe before they were but not any more, These little babies will get the job done, Field tested for years in the heart of wood duck country before they were sold they proved that Wood Ducks can and do respond to the right call. All wood and acrylic construction assure you of years of flawless use.  These are the hottest calls on the market today, Its no wonder everyone is trying to imitate the one and only original Woodie Kall. These calls start at $55.00

Often imitated but never duplicated, Used by Team Real Duck Champion Worlds, 2012, John Chiasson.

Working Calls

The term working calls indicates that the call in question does in fact work and sound, like a real full size duck/goose call. Many folks make calls that look like but do not sound like a real full size duck/goose calls. All of my calls are working class calls. My calls sound like ducks and geese period!
Ordering Information

Special order calls are required to be paid in full before any work is done, you can pay by way of check, money order or paypal. I have been known to trade for goodies as well. NO CHILDREN the three I have are enough although Lab puppies are always welcome. Please email me to see what calls I have on hand if you want a call fast. Lead time on most calls is two to three weeks depending on wood availability etc. Field grade calls in domestic wood or a combination of domestic woods is usually 3-4 days. I ship any where in the world at cost. Anywhere in the USA  by way of USPS . I strongly suggest buying insurance; it’s cheap compared to replacing one of my calls.

You can also check out my collection of Childrens Duck Calls. Pics here

Return policy

If for any reason you are not happy with one of my calls return it for a full refund less the shipping costs. If your lab decides to eat it I’m sorry. If your wife decides to toss into the garbage disposal you probably deserved it. If you screw it up tuning it send it back and I’ll fix it. If you lose a reed or other useful part let me know and I’ll send you a new one or better yet send me the call and I will fix it. If the finish starts showing some age send it back and I will redo it for you. All I ask is that you tell folks where to find my calls, Thanks, Kel

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