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Welcome to the shop featuring custom made duck and goose calls that are all hand carved/turned one at a time of heirloom quality.  We have calls that can be built by your customization selections or by our finished ready to ship calls, Enjoy the store and if you have any questions give me a call, Kel

ONE LAST THING, When you finish your selections your item page will scroll up, There is not a problem with your order, Your shopping cart is to the right hand side of the page, You will see your items in that cart, Once you have selected an item you can select more by simply clicking on the appropriate page for that item, You total number of items and cost will be reflected in your shopping cart. The scrolling up is NOT an indicator that you missed a selection on your order.



Hybrid Reelfoot Metal reed Duck call


Custom hand turned barrel wood of your choice Teamed up with a original Glenn Scobey Reelfoot style sound board wedge and ree...


Hybrid AR Style Duck Calls


These calls are called Hybrid because they have the Custom Poly insert paired up with a great looking Wood Barrel.  They...


Wood Duck Call aka "Woodie Kall" New for 2018 Baby Magnum Speck Kall


These are the finest sounding wood duck call available today, These are the same calls that you see being used in the Tea...


Duck Call - Reelfoot Style


These are the traditional Metal Reed Duck Calls made famous by the duck hunting Mecca of Reel-foot Lake TN. They are made in ...


Duck Call - Whistle


I make two types of Whistles, The Original Kellys Kalls ShotShell style and the Iverson inspired style. Both of these are...


Duck Call - Louisiana Style


Louisiana style calls are very common and have been the corner stone of most early call makers, The insert is hollow with a s...


Duck Call - Arkansas Style


Arkansas style Calls are also known as J-Frame calls, These are probably the most common call you will find around a duck hun...


Addicted Goose Calls


Addicted Calls is our new fully Acrylic Goose call line, In the past I have always liked the way an Acrylic Call sounded but ...


Goose Call


I make three types of goose calls, Short Reed (SR) Resonate Cavity (RC) and a Speck or White Front Goose Call (SB) Call. All ...