Duck Call – Reelfoot Style

These are the traditional Metal Reed Duck Calls made famous by the duck hunting Mecca of Reel-foot Lake TN. They are made in the traditional way in the traditional style of the Classic style calls, If you look through my Flicker account you will see other examples of these fine calls. There are only a hand full of call makers that can even make these, Its a dying art form, They are very large, Very loud and a real piece of American Hunting History. The time involved in making these calls is substantially longer than your average duck call.


Repair work Every year I get calls from people that have old calls that are missing parts, Repair work is done for Reel-foot call owners that have calls that are missing reeds and wedges, I will fit a new wedge and reed to your call. I will try to get as close as possible to the original as possible. I also will turn a new insert with wedge and reed for your vintage call. One condition, do not represent my repair or replacement work as original insert in any way. Full disclosure in any transaction is a must. Every insert I build will have my name on it.  I do not use plastic wedges but turned hardwood. Reeds are Phosphorus Bronze.

Available Woods: Osage Orange, Walnut, Curly Maple, Katalox, Cocobolo, Bocote, Bloodwood, Persimmon, Pecan, Spalted Pecan, Birdseye maple, Zebra Wood, Bubinga, Cherry and Goncalo Alves. Mix and match your woods at no extra up charge, Example, Osage orange insert and wedge with a black walnut barrel. Both are domestic woods and exotics will be a one time upgrade of 15.00 example cocobolo insert with a Katalox barrel.

Wood Upgrade:
Exotic Woods are available for an extra $15.00 & Stabilized Blanks are available for an extra $25.00


Spalted Maple and or Maple Burl

If you would like a personalized message on your call please enter your information above.

If you would like a personalized message on your call please enter your information above.

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Custom Calls

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