I started hunting ducks with my Dad when I was around 7 years old and have been hooked ever since. My first call was made from my moms broom handle and that almost ended my call making career right then and there.

In the last 48 years I have learned a few things about ducks and duck calls. Not all calls and duck callers are made equal. I am a pretty fair caller so I try to make my calls with the hunter in mind.

My most popular calls are, The Woodie Kall, ShotShell and Iverson Style Whistles and the Baby Magnums. All are exclusive to Kellys Kalls.

My Woodie Kall , Wood Duck Call is a real world class call, Its been used by some of the finest callers in the world in several Team Real Duck contests, Along with my whistles. The whistles come in my original Shotshell design using real brass shot shell bases and my Iverson Inspired long whistle. Finally my Baby Magnum calls, These are perfect for the newest member of the duck hunting family or for any one on a special occasion. These Baby’s are bad to the bone!! If its not a Kellys Kall then its an unflattering immitation.

My Standard Duck Calls are Arkansas style, Louisiana and Reelfoot Style, I make three styles of Goose Calls as well, Short Reed, Long Reed or Resonate Cavity and a Whitefront Goose call, AKA Speck call.