Addicted Goose Calls

Addicted Calls is our new fully Acrylic Goose call line, In the past I have always liked the way an Acrylic Call sounded but I hated turning Acrylic with a passion, So I decided to combine the best of both, My ideas and some one else's mad CNC skills. The Addicted Line of calls are all machined from the finest Acrylic Bars to be found in the good ol USA, Each one is Machined, Polished, Engraved and tuned right here in the USA one at a time. These come in Black, Ivory and Dark Green.  There are two special inserts that are in Black and White Pearl, These are Ultra Short Inserts ( USI) and are super fast for the stage or the field, Combined with the Klucker Guts we think this is a really exceptional goose call and for the money not a better one is to be found, You might notice one of those has a stainless steel band, That's my personal call :).  Bands can be added for a small charge, Honestly, They look awesome with out them. Let me know what color fill you want in the engraved area, Any color you want to make your own personalized one of a kind, On a very serious note, These are easily ran with only one hand, So if your looking for that perfect call for the layout blind this is it, No BULL !!! The internal back pressure is amazing and the outside fits like it was molded to your hand, I am very proud to have these here for you, For our first run into the world of Acrylic Goose calls this just doesn't  get any better folks!! Tell you the truth, When a gent picks one up at a show and runs it for the first time its amazing, The smile that they get when they look up at you afte r running the call says it all....... Winner!!   Get Addicted !!!


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