Goose Calls… SR, Res Cav, Speck

kellys-goose-callsShort Reed, Long Reed Resonate Cavity and Speck Goose Kalls

My Goose calls are made one at a time like all of my calls, They are available in either a Traditional Long Reed Resonate cavity style call or a Short Reed style call. I have several style of gut systems for the user to choose from, I can get the perfect fit for the new guy with a call to a seasoned vet.

New for 2018 is my 5/8 bore Speck call. Its been in the works for three years and now its ready for the market, Short, Sweet and gets the job done. Priced the same as the other goose calls, Kel

Check out some of the sound files and  call sounds page,  Enjoy the pics and remember that I have several hundred more pics for your viewing pleasure that’s only an email away. There are several pics in the slide show, Whistles, Childrens calls, Duck Calls and Goose Calls.  They are all marked ?? ( I Hope) as to what they are. Here is a link to my Flicker account with more pics, It would be easier is I just made the same design every time huh!

You can also check out my collection of Childrens Duck Calls.