Duck Calls

kellys-duck-callsThe Duck Calls I do:

All of my Duck Calls are turned by hand one at a time. I like to use domestic woods when ever possible how ever I have a large supply of Exotic woods available to you. Each and every call is sealed inside and out to help prevent moisture from causing your call problems. I make three kinds of Duck Calls, Arkansas , Louisiana and Reelfoot style Duck calls, I also make Pintail Whistles and Wood Duck Calls.  There are several styles to choose from in the pics below as well as my Flicker account page,

You can also check out my collection of Childrens Duck Calls.

I can send you extra pictures of my Duck Calls if what you see here is not what your looking for, I have hundreds of call photos for you to enjoy.

I can also custom turn your wood to make your duck or goose call. I can not however be liable if the wood is of such a type that does not lend itself to being turned on a lathe. Very old dry and brittle wood needs to be stabilized before it can be used, I can not do this but must ship it off to be done, This gets pretty expensive so I can suggest some companies for you to send it to prior to my getting it.